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Why you should avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup at ALL Costs

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The reason being high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) increases our fat storing hormones and is a major contributing factor to why our western society has such a problem with obesity, fatty-liver disease, diabetes, and more.

Processed foods companies use so much of it because it’s one of the cheapest sweeteners around. It is not the same as sugar as people believe. It’s far worse.

Whereas eating sugar calms your feeling of hunger, HFCS makes you eat more as if you can’t satisfy your hunger.

The trouble is it’s so hard to avoid as it’s in everything from beverages to baked goods. Basically it’s in the majority of processed foods. You eat them to satisfy your hunger, only to end up eating more. Resulting in us putting on more body fat.

Whilst very hard to avoid, it’s not impossible. Look for the organic or wholegrain versions of foods such as baked beans, biscuits, bread, cereal bars, condiments, crackers, dressings, jams, peanut butter, sodas, and more. 

So always check the label and avoid even the smallest amount of HFCS.

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