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About Us

At Optimum-FX our slogan is 'PRODUCTS THAT WORK.'

We only release products that have the desired effects so you can be sure of getting an effective product which represents great value for money.

PLEASE DO NOT GET CONFUSED with similar sounding supplements. Some of which are made very cheaply in China with questionable hygiene and quality control. Some products might actually contain poisons/toxins. Products made in the Far East are not subject to the strict laws on hygiene and quality control as are present in the UK and USA.

Optimum-fx products for sale in the UK and EU are made in the UK under the strictest manufacturing conditions conforming to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standards and ISO 2000:9001 Quality Assurance.

Optimum-fx products for sale in the USA are made in the USA also to strict GMP standards.





You can rest assured that your details will be used only to process your order and never shared with a third party.


All transactions occur on Amazon and all orders are Fulfilled by Amazon.

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